Gravity, Chemicals And Toxins: They Are Out To Get Us


Everyone has heard the saying “What goes up, must come down.” No truer words have ever been spoken. It doesn’t matter what it is, how big it is or how powerful it is, everything that goes up must go down. It is a law of nature. We can’t get around this. Sadly, this law applies to your home as well. Many of the things that go up in your home and come down are making all the members of your home more prone to illness and health issues.

In case you are wondering, I’m talking about all the chemicals and toxins most people use in their homes. With all the “bugs” going around these days, many people have increased the amount of things they are using, hoping they will be able to keep themselves and their families healthy. We wipe. We spray. We scrub. We burn. We do all sorts of things to make our homes healthy and safe. It doesn’t work that way though.


Many, if not most, of the things we are using in the name of “health and safety” are making matters worse. Read the list of ingredients on the back of your hand sanitizer. Pick one of the words I can’t spell and do a quick search. Chances are it isn’t a healthy ingredient. Have you ever read the back of a Lysol can? The warning is scary. That foamy cleaner you spray in your oven – there are lots of reasons the can clearly says not to breathe in the fumes. Did you know it is “perfectly acceptable” for the wicks of candles to contain hard metals? It is. Who hasn’t burned a candle to freshen the room or “set the mood” or just to look nice? I could go on and on about the chemicals and toxins we use, but I want to get back to the point – gravity…

All those things are beholden to gravity. What goes up, must come down. The air fresheners, the fumes from the oven cleaner, candle smoke and everything we use all falls back to the ground. Okay, it isn’t the ground. It is the floors in our homes. It is also our countertops, our furniture, our appliances – all those chemicals and toxins are just landing on all those surfaces. What happens when they land on all those surfaces?

How Do You Use Your Home’s Surfaces?

Let’s think about the floors in our homes. We walk on them. Sometimes barefoot. Our pets walk on them and play on them and sleep on them. I don’t know about y’all but we play board games and card games on our floors. Parents with toddlers – where do your toddlers spend a lot of their time crawling? It would be the floor. It doesn’t matter if you have hardwoods or tile or carpeting or anything else – all the chemicals and toxins collect on your floors. It’s that pesky gravity thing.

What about the other surfaces? Same thing. Your counters are clean, as in “not dirty,” so when the carrot your chopping rolls off the cutting board, you just toss it in the salad. Maybe give it a quick rinse – just in case. Yes, your counters are “clean,” but they are still home to chemicals and toxins. Now, those chemicals and toxins have a new home – that piece of carrot. And, the carrot will have a new home as well in your tummy. Yep, you just ate (and fed your family) whatever you sprayed in the air. You drop that chip on the couch or bed and think “five second rule!.” You just sprayed it with the disinfectant so it can’t be “that dirty.” There are things out there worse than dirt and some germs.

How Many “Little Bits” Does It Take?

“But it is just a little bit.” You are right. It is just a little bit. It is just a little bit today. It was a little bit yesterday. It will be a little bit tomorrow, a little bit next week and a little bit however many years from now. It was a little bit last week, last month and five years ago. How many “little bits” does it take to do damage, to cause health problems?

It depends on what those little bits are made of. Different chemicals and toxins are more dangerous than others. They take different amounts and different amounts of time to hurt people and pets. Some will take years of little bits, other days or weeks and, some, will take seconds.

What Is The Impact Of Chemicals And Toxins?

The impact of chemicals and toxins…the impact of chemicals and toxins…I don’t even know where to start. Ever wonder why more and more kids can’t eat peanuts or shellfish or corn? Ever wonder why adults are developing the same issues? Why do more kids, adults and pets have more skin issues, “seasonal difficulties,” breathing problems, more likely to catch what is going around and all the other things people and pets are experiencing?

The chemicals and toxins we are exposed to make all those things worse. They get in our bodies, our cells and, sometimes, our DNA. They mess us up. Yep, that is as science-y as I get. I could do a quick Internet search and use all the science and technical words I find, but you’d probably have to look up those $50 words anyway. You know most of this stuff already. Chances are, you just never put all that information together and applied gravity to it. You aren’t using your room freshener as a body spray or shaving your legs with the oven cleaner foam or eating your candles so you thought you were relatively safe. It never occurred to you (or to me until recently) gravity is hurting us, it is making us sick and, sometimes, it is killing us.

What Is The Solution?

We can’t ditch gravity. We can’t let all the “bugs” going around breed in our homes. We can’t let the dirt and grime pile up. We can’t let our homes get stinky. We have to keep from flying off the third rock from the sun. We have to not get sick. We have to be clean. We have to smell good. I know how to do those things.

Use all-natural and holistic products! It is really simple. Get yourself one bottle of cleaner, a cleaner that is safe enough to drink, and throw out everything else. Seriously. Mix one teeny tiny capful with water and clean your home. Clean your stove, floors, counters, toilets, tubs, oven, dishes, walls and whatever else with a cleaner you can drink! Don’t drink it though. I’ve tasted it; it is safe to drink (I’m still here!), but it doesn’t taste good! Anyway…It is Thieves Household Cleaner. One bottle lasts me a couple of months, if not more. It is safe for everyone – even your pets.

We’ve handled the clean now, but what about the stinky? Diffusers, folks, diffusers! Add some water and your Young Living essential oils and your house smells great. Not only does it smell great, but you are breathing in health, relaxation, energy or whatever you need at the time. Different oils do different things so find the right oil for what you have going on (or just ask me or one of the other Oily Housewives) and take care of several problems at once. This reminds me…

The Oily Housewives has a Facebook group, a community/family thing,  where you can find all sorts of information, tips, recipes and whatever you are looking for. If you don’t find it there, post a question, tell us what you need, and we’ll find you the answer. That is what we do – figure this stuff out together.

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