The Best Essential Oils for Driving

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I don’t know about anyone else, but driving is one of the most stressful things I do. It is 2020 – why aren’t we saying “Beam me up, Scotty” to get where we need to be? Seeing technology hasn’t caught up with our dreams, we still have to get behind the wheel and get from Point A to Point B and back again safely. Essential oils can help with this. Like I always say, “I have an oil for that.” 

Essential Oils For Focus

Everyone needs to focus a bit more when driving. Even when we put our cell phones away and turn off the radio, our thoughts can wander. Without even noticing, our thoughts can be anywhere but on the road. I have a couple of oils I use to keep me focused on driving safely.

Vetiver is one of my most favorite of all essential oils. It is known for “calming the mind.” When I use it, instead of thinking thousands of thoughts at one time, I am able to actually think. This makes it perfect for driving. It helps you to turn off all the “noise” in your head and concentrate on the task at hand. Making it even better is the fact I find it smells like a leather-bound book. 

Rosemary is another one of my favorite oils. I use it all the time when I drive. It is known to help with “mental clarity.” I feel I make better decisions when I use rosemary. For those of us who see people race through yellow lights and see people driving too close to the car in front of them, I wish they had some rosemary essential oil to help them make better decisions.

Essential Oils For Energy

We all need to be well awake when we drive. There have been studies that say driving while tired is as dangerous as driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. I don’t think there is an essential oil that will replace getting enough sleep and rest (yes, there is a difference!), there are oils that can help improve your energy levels. I use them when I drive anytime I feel I should be more awake.

En-R-Gee, as the name implies, is great for extra energy. It has a refreshing, slightly-floral scent that can help get you going. It can also help keep you going. I use it in the afternoon when I pick my daughter up from school to help me not need my afternoon nap as much.

Peppermint is another energizing essential oil. It has a crisp scent you will immediately recognize. Many of us will remember our mothers giving us a peppermint candy to keep us awake. Peppermint oil is like that – just without the calories and the wrapper.

Essential Oils For Relaxation

Any nervous drivers out there? Anyone notice how their pulse increases when driving in traffic? There are essential oils to help you relax while you are driving. Don’t worry – not relaxed to the point you are in LaLa Land, but just enough you won’t honk at the driver who just passed you on the right or make a not-very-nice gesture to the tailgater on your bumper.

Lavender is a very relaxing oil. When I use it as I drive, I am still aware of the possible dangers on the road, but I don’t obsess about them. It takes the edge off just enough to make my drive less scary and me a bit more forgiving of all the bad drivers out there.

Cedarwood is another essential oil that will help relax you. It has a calming effect. I’ve had people tell me it makes them feel more “centered.” It certainly helps me when I drive. I don’t feel the need to pull over and have a good cry when traffic is all around me, barreling down the road at a high rate of speed.

How To Use When Driving

I will never suggest you open a bottle of essential oils and apply them when you are driving. Keep both hands on the wheel at all times! There are other, safer, ways to use them when you are in your car. 

I almost always apply them to my wrists or on my neck or behind my ears before I even get in my car. One drop is all you will need and the essential oil(s) impact can last for hours. If I’m driving for an extended period of time, I will reapply the oils when I stop for snacks or to fill up the gas tank.

You can also get “car diffusers.” They are little clip-ons you put on your car’s vents. They look like tiny fans. Just add a drop or two of the oils to the “core” in the clip-on and you are good to go. When you notice the scent waning, when it is safe, simply reapply the oils.

Another option is to make a “car freshener.” A spray bottle, some water, witch hazel and the essential oil of your choice is all you will need. Spray the interior of your car with the “potion.” Not only will it make your drive more pleasant, it can also help with any unfavorable odors.

There are several Young Living essential oils that can (and do!) help you while you are driving. They can make your drive seem like less of a chore. Keep these little hints in the back of your mind the next time you head out in your car. They will come in handy whether you are going to the store or starting a cross-country adventure. If you need any more information about essential oils and how they can improve your life, please join our Facebook group.

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