Get Your Mind Right – Add Some Positive Energy

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It is time to get your mind right! Let’s all start off “right now” with the right mindset. We all need to increase the positive energy in our lives and this is the perfect place to get the positive energy flowing. Just soak it all in and apply it to whatever it is you are doing and have to do.

Concentrate On Today

Yesterday is gone. Unless you are the owner of the only working time machine, there isn’t anything you can do about what happened yesterday. It is time to move on and make the most of today. Truthfully, now is all we have. Yesterday is gone and tomorrow isn’t promised. Live in your today and make the absolute most of it. Get your mind right and create the best today possible. I know that you have it in your to do it!

Progress Not Perfection

Get your mind right and forget about perfection. Perfection is impossible. It is all about moving forward, getting things done and moving closer to achieving your goals. Let’s tell it like it is – perfection would be boring anyway. We should be concentrating on the journey. While on our different journeys, we need to living in joy and in service. If life was perfect, there would be little need for joy and helping others.

Always Around

It doesn’t get much more true than this. We don’t always see our friends, but we know there are out there somewhere. Like the stars, they usually show up in full force when we are facing our darkest moments. That is what true friends do. Get your mind right and start looking for your friends. Better yet, get your mind right and start being a good friend. We never know just how dark things can be until we reach out to our circle of friends. A simple “Hi! Just wanted to check-in. How are things going?” can mean more than you know.

Run Or Rise?

The choice is yours! Living in “fear” doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing if you are facing what is in front of you and rising above whatever is slowing down. Running isn’t always the best option unless you are facing a bear. Even then, depending on the type of bear, you still might want to face it and rise. Most of the metaphoric bears in our lives should be faced – you just need to get your mind right and do what needs to be done.

Be The Reason

In the crazy world we are currently living in (2020, for future readers!), we all need to be the reason someone smiles today. I highly recommend going out of your way to force a smile out of someone. Actually, it should be two “someones” – someone you know and someone who is a stranger to you. The someone you know will feel you caring about them. The someone you don’t know – it could be the only bright spot in their day. Get your mind right and make someone smile.

Best Thing Ever!

The best thing you can ever do is believe in yourself! When you become your biggest cheerleader, you are practically unstoppable. Get your mind right and let your light shine. Try it for a week, just seven days. You will see a giant difference in your life. As well as the folks around you. When you live in light and positivity, it rubs off on others. Who doesn’t need a lot more light and positivity in their lives? I know I do and I actively seek out people who believe in themselves.

Y’all need to save this! This is good stuff. Use it daily. Make these “positivity boosters” your mantras. Use them when you meditate or whatever it is you do to get your mind right. For an even bigger positivity booster, join the Oily Housewives Facebook group. We are all about building each other up and improving each others’ lives.


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