What Vehicle Are You Driving On The Road Of Life?

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We all have places we need to go. We all have similar places we need to go – the grocery store, school, the ballpark, a restaurant, the vet’s office, etc. All of us need some “mode of transportation” to get there. We find the vehicle that suits our needs and we go. It is all pretty simple. Well, it is simple when we are talking about going from one physical place to another. What about the other types of traveling we do? There is this journey known as “life” and we need a vehicle to take us where we are going.

Deciding where you vehicle is taking you is key when picking out your “mode of transportation.” Are you on an emotional journey? Maybe you are on a quest to improve your physical health? You could be on an adventure to find financial security. Wherever you are headed, you need the right vehicle to get you there.

Choosing The Right Vehicle

It is vital we choose the right vehicle for the traveling we will be doing. You wouldn’t get a giant 18-wheeler to get you to the grocery store or movies. We have to make wise choices in vehicles. The vehicle we decide on has to fit our purpose and be able to “do its job.”

If you are on an emotional journey, you might choose prayer or meditation to get you where you need to be. That would be a good choice in vehicles. On your quest to improve your physical health, you would choose a healthier diet and exercise. Those vehicles would help you get where you are going. As for your adventure to find financial security, your vehicle of choice would be a career in a stable field/industry or a lucrative business opportunity as recession-proof as possible. 

Are There Multi-Purpose Vehicles Available?

I don’t know about anyone else, but I love to keep things simple. My life is complex enough without having to worry about all sorts of vehicles. I don’t want the upkeep of several vehicles. I’d rather have one multi-purpose vehicle to get me (and my family) everywhere I (we) need to go.

Do multi-purpose vehicles even exist? Yes, but it can take a lot of soul searching and “shopping around” to find one that is tailored just for you and your needs. Lots of people try many different vehicles before they find the perfect one for them. 

My Multi-Purpose Vehicle

My multi-purpose vehicle has to take me all sorts of places. I’m on an emotional journey as well as a quest to improve my physical health and an adventure to find financial security. The vehicle I was so blessed to find is able to take me all those places and wherever else I choose to go. It also has enough “passenger room” for my family, friends and whoever else wants to go with me. It is easy to maintain, doesn’t use a lot of gas and, thankfully, it comes with all bells and whistles without a giant owner’s manual so I know how to use them.

The vehicle I chose is Young Living. It is taking me to all the places I need to go. It will also take me to all the places I want to go. When the time comes, it will even get me to the places I never knew existed but still want to experience. It is the perfect multi-purpose vehicle for me.

The Emotional Journey

Young Living is a huge help with my emotional journey. It has brought me and my family closer together. I have found all sorts of friends and mentors to help along the way. Why go on any type of journey, especially an emotional one, without the help of family, friends and mentors?

I found all sorts of products and ideas on how to use those products to help with my emotional journey. They help to smooth out the rough road of life. And, of course, there are all the people I’ve met who point out the road signs and warn me about the curves ahead on my life’s road. 

The Quest To Improve My Physical Health

As with most people, I have more than my share of health issues. Young Living has helped me so much in that area of my life. I went from feeling hopeless to knowing I do have hope, help is out there for me. And, it isn’t just improving my physical health. My family (including our six pets) are also healthier. It is the same for my friends who made the choice to jump in my multi-purpose vehicle and go for this wonderful ride with me.

It is so refreshing I am not relying on all sorts of chemicals to feel better. I love the idea of all-natural and holistic ways to help my body do what my body needs to do – to do the things my body was originally designed to do. That is a load off my mind, the minds of my family members and friends who know what I had suffered with for years.

The Adventure To Find Financial Security

I had been on my adventure to find financial security for decades. I tried all sorts of things to get me and my family where we needed to be financially. Nothing worked for us. There was always a catch. Usually, that catch was “the price of gas” – the upfront and monthly money we had to “invest” to, sometimes, break even. Young Living, as a multi-purpose vehicle, gets great gas mileage!

The biggest issue I had on my adventure was there was barely room for me and my family. That never set well with me. I wanted other people to reach all their financial destinations as well. Those other vehicles didn’t come with a heart for service like Young Living. They were more about the bottom line, making the money, and forgetting about the people in our lives. So not my cup of tea! It is all about a sense of community. What is the point of doing well financially if you can’t help others do the same? It isn’t like we can take it with us when we are gone.

I have test drove and even bought a lot of vehicles. None of them suited me as well as Young Living. Those other vehicles were not for me. They didn’t have the passenger room I needed so I could take people with me on the road of life. Those other vehicles were difficult to keep running. I found myself spending a fortune on gas. Sadly, they were too complicated for me to be able to operate. Remember how I like to keep things simple? 

Young Living is nothing like those other vehicles. I could not be happier with my choice. It is the perfect fit for me, my family (even my very picky husband) and whoever chooses to go on this ride with me. If you are interested in taking a look at Young Living so see where and how far this multi-purpose vehicle can take you, please join the Oily Housewives Facebook group. We won’t try to set you up on a test drive or sell you this vehicle. It is just a place where you can kick the tires and listen to the engine. We can show you all the bells and whistles and answer any questions you have.

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