Band Moms Need These Three Essential Oils All

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Band moms rock! However, does it ever feel like “soccer moms” get all the recognition? Not this time. We are now recognizing “band moms.” There are a lot of us out and it is time we stepped into the spotlight, if only for a moment or two. There aren’t many better ways to recognize band moms than to offer them a little help with all their “band momming” responsibilities. The help, this time, is three essential oils band moms need.

En-R-Gee Is A Must

Every mom needs more energy. This is especially true of band moms. Between private lessons, marching practice, marching season, concert season things can get tiring quick. Add in all the driving and carting around French horns and tubas, band moms need more than a little pick-me-up to survive.

To get the energy band moms need, they should try Young Living En-R-Gee essential oil. Trust me, this stuff will get a band mom to that away football game, all the way through the fourth quarter and back home again without missing a single beat. It has such a refreshing fragrance it can be used as a perfume. I always get compliments about “my perfume” when I wear it. En-R-Gee is made with juniper and lemongrass – just so you know it does smell great!

How do you use En-R-Gee? There are lots of ways. Diffusing is always great. Start you busy band day (or any other day) with a few drops in your diffuser. You’ll feel the effects in just a few minutes and your home will smell great too. You can always apply it topically, directly to your skin. One drop on my wrists or one dropped shared behind each ear works wonders as well. I often use a roller ball filled with En-R-Gee – great for when I’m driving and I’m starting to feel tired. I’ve even been known to add a drop or two to my juice. 

Take Band Moms To Sacred Mountain

Being a band mom is stressful. The scheduling alone is enough to make a lot of moms want to scream. Staying calm and centered is a must for any mom. This is especially true for band moms. There aren’t many things worse than a band mom flipping out at a competition or being on the verge of losing it at a football game or concert. Trust me; I’ve seen it and it isn’t pretty.

Band moms need to take a little vacation to Sacred Mountain by Young Living. This essential oil blend is made with black spruce and ylang ylang. It has both a woodsy and floral fragrance. Don’t worry. It is not an overpowering scent.

You can pretty much use Sacred Mountain like you do En-R-Gee. I don’t put it in my juice though; I don’t like the taste. And, I don’t keep a rollerball of it in my purse. I have my Sacred Mountain rollerball in my pocket. I don’t let it get too far away from me! I take a vacation to Sacred Mountain every chance I get. A little FYI – it works for pets too!

Pull Out The Peppermint For Band Moms

Everyone has to feel for the first-year band moms listening to their first-year band students learning to play the clarinet, flute and tuba. Okay, just about any band instrument. All the squeaks and squawks and missed notes! That is why band moms need Young Living peppermint essential oil – for those times they truly believe their heads are killing them.

When it comes to your hurting head, nothing works much faster than peppermint essential oil. Band moms will appreciate that! One drop on your thumb pressed to the roof of your mouth and, usually, within seconds (sometimes minutes), the “horror in your head” stops. It can also be applied to your temples and the back of your neck to help with a pounding head.

As for the smell of Young Living peppermint essential oil..Well, it smells like peppermint. There is no other way to describe it. It is peppermint. Think of the strongest peppermint candy you have ever smelled, multiply that scent by about 1,000 (or more) and you’ve got the smell of peppermint essential oil. I wish there was a more eloquent way to explain it, but peppermint is peppermint. That is just the way it is.

This is my personal shout out to band moms. You are no longer overlooked for all the hard work you do. And, you are getting the help you need so you can keep “band momming” throughout your band kids’ life. You now have ways to keep your energy up, relax and take care of your throbbing head. Stuff every band mom needs help with. If you need any more help with being the best band mom you can be, please join the Oily Housewives Facebook group. You’ll find a lot of help there for all your band mom (and regular mom) needs.

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