Help Keeping Dogs Calm

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Do you have an overly-excited dog? What about a dog that is nervous or afraid? We all know that can be a giant issue when you are trying to maintain a calm, quiet and peaceful home. Never fear! There is some help on the way. Try these tips and keeping dogs calm will be easier than ever expected.

Recognize The Signs

You need to be able to recognize the signs of when your dog is stressed out, scared or nervous. Seeing you know your dog better than anyone else, you should pick up on these signs fairly easily. The signs will vary from dog to dog, but there are several universal signs you can look for.

Many dogs will lick and/or chew on themselves. This is a form of “self-comfort.” When you see this, try redirecting them, give them another activity to keep both their minds and bodies busy. This could be as simple as playing with them. If your dog knows any “tricks,” have them do those tricks. Be sure to give them a reward when they do their tricks.

Other dogs will shake when they are upset. Try comforting them. Petting your dog or holding them close often helps. You can also try redirecting them. Often, a dog just needs to have their mind elsewhere in order to calm down. Our family has learned singing will help with keeping our dogs calm.

Look for repetitive behaviors in your dog. This is another form of “self-comfort.” Repetitive behaviors can include walking in circles, pacing and going back and forth between two (or more) specific places. Find ways to break their patterns, redirecting or physically comforting them in ways they enjoy. Yes, additional treats can be used!

Know Your Dogs Triggers

Pay attention to what “sets” your dog off. These are their triggers. Many dogs are frightened of firecrackers and thunder. Be prepared when these things will happen. If you know your dog’s triggers, you can often prevent them from becoming upset before it even happens.

Keep Things Familiar

When your dog is not calm, keep things as familiar as possible. Have their toys, blankets and other items they enjoy handy. A favorite stuffed animal or “their blankie” can give them comfort. Remember to pack these things when you are traveling with your dogs. They will give your dog a sense of normality and “home.” 

Go All-Natural And Holistic

Try an all-natural and holistic way in helping your dogs stay calm. This is a safe way to avoid giving your dog chemicals and toxins often found in medications, sprays and rubs. Try diffusing Young Living essential oils before and during “events” that can upset your dogs. Yes, Young Living essential oils are safe for dogs and your other pets. You can also apply many different essential oils directly on your dog. I’ve learned “petting” Sacred Mountain or lavender essential oils directly on my dogs’ coats will have them relaxed in a matter of minutes. You can also try cedarwood, frankincense or copaiba essential oils. For our dogs, Sacred Mountain works the fastest.

Keeping your dog calm is something every pet parent needs to do. Not only will your dog be happier, so will you. Your entire family will feel more at ease. Everyone will be able to spend time together, pleasantly and peacefully, no matter what might be going on around you. If you need more help keeping your dogs calm, please join the Oily Housewives’ Facebook group. You will find all sorts of information there as well. And, if you don’t find what you are looking for, just ask; we’ll be more than happy to help.

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