Masks And Triggers: Helping Abuse, Violence Survivors


With all the debate going on across America about wearing or not wearing masks, people often forget there are legitimate reasons some people can not wear face masks. One of those legitimate reasons for not wearing a mask is abuse. Wearing a mask can become a trigger for people who have survived child abuse, domestic violence and rape. Despite these triggers, there is help available that could help the survivors of abuse to be able to wear a mask more comfortably, without all the panic and terror they can cause. Help with masks and triggers comes in the form of Young Living essential oils.

Triggers Helped By Essential Oils?

Yes, essential oils can help survivors of abuse and violence with triggers when they wear a face mask. Young Living has several different essential oils that help people to relax and remain calm. There is even an essential oil that is especially blended to help with trauma. All of these can help survivors of abuse with their triggers.

You should also remember how the sense of smell is one of the most powerful of all the senses. Unlike other senses, the sense of smell can help us remember and “transport” us to happier places and times. Does the smell of a specific pie or meal ever take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen? The same principle applies to essential oils as well. 

Essential Oil Singles For Relaxation

Lavender essential oil helps thousands of people relax and better deal with their triggers. There is something about the smell of the lavender that helps to calm those who come in contact with it. It is a light, floral scent. One or two drops on your mask and you will feel more relaxed and calm when you wear it.

Cedarwood is another essential oil that helps survivors of abuse and violence with their triggers. The fragrance is light and airy. Despite its name, it doesn’t have a woodsy scent. One or two drops on your mask and feel the relaxing calm wash over you.

Vetiver is great for helping people relax and feel calm. This is a very thick essential oil made from a grass which grows in Asia. The fragrance is much like an antique leather-bound book. It is a lovely scent that is known to “calm the mind.” It can help you with your triggers as well.

Essential Oils Blends To Relax and Calm You

Trauma Life is a Young Living blend that was especially created to help with trauma, even the trauma related to abuse and violence. It is a special blend of valerian, frankincense and several other essential oils. This oil can be especially helpful with triggers. Put a drop or two on your mask and feel the difference.

Peace And Calming does exactly what its name implies; it helps people have a sense of peace and it is quite calming. Truthfully, I just put this oil on myself. Due to my personal experiences with abuse and violence, writing this upsetting to me. I applied it to my wrists, and, when I’m starting to “feel this too much,” I sniff my wrists. It is helping a great deal.

Stress Away is another well-named oil. It really does help to get rid of those negative emotions. It is blended with tangerine, patchouli and other essential oils. It has an extremely light fragrance that is not the least bit overpowering. Add a drop or two to your mask so it will help you deal with your triggers.

Sacred Mountain is one of my go-to essential oils when it comes to negative emotions. It is known to help center those who use it. It helps people to stay in the moment and not let their minds wander. This is especially helpful when dealing with triggers from abuse and violence that can happen when wearing a mask.

Know Your Happy Places

As survivors, it is also helpful for you to know your happy places. Think of scents that will remind of those happy places and times to help you with your triggers. If you have happy memories of Thanksgiving or Christmas with family, try a drop or two of sage on your mask. If the smell of trees makes you think of a walk in the woods in happier times, try a drop or two of pine or Idaho Blue Spruce essential oils. There are many scents that will help to keep your calm and relaxed while wearing a mask that wouldn’t normally be thought of as scents that promote those feelings. This is because of your specific experiences with those fragrances. Please do not overlook those scents.

On a more personal note…I am a survivor of abuse. I have used these oils to help me with my many triggers. The oil that helps me the most is vetiver. Not only is it known as a calming oil, it also transports me to another time and place. It  takes me back to my childhood and going to the tack store with my Granddaddy. The smell of the leather saddles and bridles is one of my happiest memories. 

Okay now. This got a lot more personal than I thought it would. I am thankful I have my Young Living essential oils to help me get through such times. They work for me and I have no doubt they will help with your triggers. And, getting even more personal, if you ever need any help with dealing with what you have been through and your triggers, you can always find me on Facebook. Feel free to join our Caretakers United Facebook group – yes, you take care of yourself so you are a caregiver, a survivor. We also have another Facebook group, Oily Housewives, you are welcome to join.

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