Masks: Wearing Them Just Got Less Uncomfortable


As the debates continue whether to wear masks or not and if masks are effective or not, there are people who are willingly to wear masks, but, for legitimate reasons, can not wear a mask. Their inability to wear masks is forcing them not to go to work, go to the store and go the places they need to go. There is good news for those people – wearing masks just got a lot less uncomfortable. Here are some simple ways wearing a mask can be more comfortable.

Masks Are Too Hot

One of the biggest complaints about wearing masks, especially the homemade masks, is they are too hot. There is something that can help with that – Young Living essential oils. One drop of peppermint oil on the mask can have a cooling effect for the mask wearer. Seeing peppermint oil also helps with energy levels, the extra energy is a bonus.

Not a fan of the smell of peppermint? You can try spearmint or wintergreen essential oils. Those oils also have a cooling effect. Please don’t ask me how. I know there is some super “science-y answer” I probably couldn’t adequately explain. It just works. I’ve tried it. I was really surprised how well it worked. My thought was “Wow! This is actually pleasant.” I didn’t think it was possible!

Unable To Breathe

Another problem mask wearers are experiencing is feeling as if they are unable to breathe. Yep, you guessed it – essential oils can help with that too. Eucalyptus oil is great when it comes to helping people breathe. Remember that gooey stuff your mom rubbed on chest (or feet) when you were a kid? It had eucalyptus in it too. Eucalyptus oil works the same way – just without the goo. One drop on your mask and you will be pleasantly surprised by the result.

FYI – I added a drop of eucalyptus and a drop of peppermint essential oils to my mask. That little experiment got a “double wow” from me. I diffuse those two oils together quite often and they work great together. On my mask – they work even better. I was not as hot in the mask and I could breathe better. And, the energy rush I felt helped me get everything done I needed to get done.

Masks Cause Panic And Terror

Survivors of abuse and violence can often feel panic and terror when wearing masks. Masks can be a trigger for all the negative thoughts and feelings survivors feel. Once again, essential oils can help. Oils such as lavender, cedarwood and vetiver help people to relax and feel calm. There are also essential blends such as Trauma Life, Peace And Calming, Stress Away and Sacred Mountain that help with the panic and terror people can feel when wearing their masks. One or two drops on your mask and you will feel much better.

As a survivor of abuse and violence, I have used Sacred Mountain and Stress Away to help with triggers in my “normal life.” When shopping not too long ago, one of my nasty triggers was brought on by my mask. I put a drop of Sacred Mountain on my mask. Within less than a minute, I could feel my breathing start to return to normal and my heart rate decrease. I have to be honest – I wasn’t completely back to normal, normal as in “safe at home behind my locked doors,” but I wasn’t shaking, sweating, crying and hyperventilating like was before I used Sacred Mountain. I was able to finish my grocery shopping without the horrific feelings of dread and fear.

In many places, masks are now a part of everyday life. People can’t go to work without them. Kids can’t go to school without the masks. Folks aren’t able to go shopping without them. For many people, wearing masks is almost impossible. Essential oils can make wearing masks possible. Give them a try and see how well they work for you. If you need more tips on how to wear masks more comfortably, please join the Oily Housewives Facebook group. We have lots of tips on how you can use Young Living essential oils for all sorts of things you probably never thought of.

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