Oily Tips: Cooking With Essential Oils


Are you flipping out right about now? Cooking with essential oils? I was flipping out the first time I heard it. I know it sounds crazy, but people do it every day. I do it every day. It isn’t strange or hard. Cooking with essential oils is simple. Here are a few tips to help you be able to start cooking with essential oils.

Old Hat

When you first start cooking with essential oils, use them with things you cook all the time. Keep it “old hat.” You don’t have to try a new recipe or some fancy dish you or your family has never tried before. Think about the things you’ve cooked in the past month or so. There are ways you can make those same meals with essential oils.

My family eats my meatloaf about once a week. I make a pot roast about twice a month. And, it is the same with liver and onions. Soups and stews are things we eat all the time in the winter. We also always have a wide variety of fruits and vegetables all the time. I add oils to them as often as I can. Cooking with essential oils is easy for me because it is just “a drop here and a drop there” in things I make constantly.

Get Creative

Once you are comfortable cooking with essential oils with your “go to meals,” it is a very short step (not even a jump) to adding them to things you don’t normally make. Get creative and start adding them to what I call “future go to meals.” Think about that recipe you saw on Facebook or Pinterest. You’ve been wanting to try. Now is the time to try it and add some essential oils to it.

I recently ran across a chicken salad recipe I wanted to try. I’d never made a chicken salad before. There were lots of herbs and spices I had never really cooked with before. I had used their “corresponding” essential oils for other things. I added the oils instead of the herbs and spices the new recipe called for. My family loved it. I loved it. In fact, they’ve already started asking me to make it again. I may have come across something that will become a “go to meal” for us.

Go Crazy

You’ve been comfortable and creative. Now is the time to go crazy when cooking with essential oils. Start throwing the things you and your family like to eat into a pot or baking dish and see what happens. Find one of those elaborate recipes you’ve been afraid to try and see what happens. This is probably the most fun (and productive) way to incorporate essential oils into your diet. Cooking with essential oils can be a great adventure in the “culinary arts.”

I found a recipe for a rosemary chicken dish. It sounds strange, but I’ve always been afraid of cooking with rosemary. The recipe called for “braising.” What is braising anyway? How would one go about basting asparagus? Well, I put my fears aside and jumped into the recipe. I used my Young Living rosemary essential oil (and a few others) and it turned out delicious. Because of how elaborate it was and all the prep and cooking time (I’m not just an oily housewife; I’m a busy one!), I won’t put this meal in our “rotation.” I do see myself pulling out this recipe card for special occasions like birthdays or dinner with friends.

Cooking with essential oils is a wonderful way to jazz up any meal. It is an even better way to add some healthiness to the meals you serve your family. There is no reason why you can’t give it a try. Seeing you are probably curious about more ways to cook with essential oils, please feel free to join our Oily Housewives Facebook group. We love helping people discover how cooking with essentials oils can add all sorts of benefits to their lives.

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