Addicts And Addictions: What Is Your Poison?


Drugs. Alcohol. Cigarettes. Sex. Gambling. Caffeine. Shopping. These are some of the most widely known addictions,  the ones we hear about on the news and on social media. There is no doubt these are serious, sometimes deadly, addictions. There are also other addictions that don’t get as much coverage. They can be just as damaging to us, our families and our loved ones. These addictions also impact total strangers in ways we may never know about. Addicts live on these addictions, taking in their poison, letting everything else go to feed their habit as they destroy their lives and the lives of others.


Negativity is an addiction. Addicts can’t get enough of it and think they are thriving on it. There are people out there who find it impossible to find the good in anything. They actively seek out the negative and tirelessly put in hard work to bring it out in everything they come across. Instead of “making lemonade,” they concentrate on the sourness of a situation. They point out the bad in everything, sharing the negativity with as many people as possible.

Is this your poison of choice? Do you see how harmful negativity is to your life and the lives of those around you? To end your addiction to negativity, start with finding one positive attribute to any situation you are faced with. There are few situations where something positive can’t be found. In fact, I have yet to be in a situation where I couldn’t find something good in it.


Drama is an addiction. Addicts can’t live without their drama. They love to stir up trouble, usually hiding in the background to watch the chaos break out due to the drama. If they aren’t creating their own drama, they find it in the lives of others. This is one time where an active imagination is not a good thing. Drama almost always brings out the worst in people. That is never a good thing.

Is this one of your poisons? If it is, you might want to start with “letting go.” There is no reason to dwell on some things. Minding your own business is another good way to avoid drama. Smiling, nodding and not getting involved will help stop the drama in your life.


Apathy is an addiction. Addicts can not bring themselves out of their constant state of not caring. There are times apathy can stem from the feeling of being constantly “beat down” and the addict takes on the mindset of “what does it matter?” Despite this, they more apathetic the addict feels, the deeper they spiral into this horrific worm hole. Not caring leads to depression. Depression leads to physical illness and, sometimes, self-harm

How much of this poison do you allow into your daily life? Even if there is only a few things you don’t care one way or anything about, you need to stop. You need to pick a side. You have to allow yourself to feel everything without letting your emotions get the best of you. It is possible, if you are willing to do the work.


Self-hate is an addiction. Addicts slowly kill themselves and their potential and possibilities with self-hate.  Self-hate can begin with self-deprecating thoughts and remarks. Like apathy, this can spiral until it is out of control. Many people are unaware they are even in this spiral. 

Is this a poison you can’t find a way to give up? You must find a way to love yourself. Look for the things about yourself others like/love and enjoy. Build on those things and end your feelings of self-hate. No good can come from not loving yourself. No matter who you are, there is something good inside of you.


Selfishness is an addiction. Addicts push others away, creating for themselves a lonely world no one else wants to be a part of. Selfishness is a sneaky addiction. It creeps into our lives a little at a time and, before we know it, we are self-consumed. In no time at all, we are the center of our own universe and we are demanding to be the center of everyone else’s universe.

Is this poison a part of your daily life? If it is, you will soon find yourself alone and very lonely. To combat this poison, find ways to put others ahead of yourself. Empathize with others and their situations. Look for things you can do for others – things that have no benefit to you other than the wonderful of having helped someone else.

Bad Relationships

Bad relationships are an addiction. Addicts often seek out the worst possible people for themselves. This quickly becomes a pattern that can last a lifetime. Bad relationships often involve neglect and abusive. No deserves that. The pattern isn’t only in the addict’s life. It, more often than not, leads to their children being in bad relationships. You need to want more for yourself and your children.

Is this a poison you let in your life? If it is, find a way out! This is a very dangerous and, often, deadly addiction. There are individuals and organizations that can help you. Even if the bad relationship isn’t abusive, you still need to find the courage to end it and move on to something better. Notice I said “something” and not “someone!”

It is amazing all the addictions that are out there. It is also amazing how, with just a little work, addicts can put those addictions behind them. Addictions aren’t always what we think they are. Some are deeply seeded in our pasts, in our upbringings and in our fears. When we face those things and make a conscious effort to move past them, we will be able to live happier, more productive lives. If you are an addict and looking for ways to end your addictions to these things (and others like them), please feel free to join our Oily Housewives Facebook group. You will find all sorts of tips and hints how to improve your life and stop filling it with poison that will destroy you. If you a caregiver to an addict with similar addictions, we have another Facebook group, Caregivers United, where you can find support from other caregivers who may be facing the same obstacles you are facing.

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