Three Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System 


The immune system is a wonderful creation. It keeps us healthy by fighting off all sorts of bugs, germs, bacteria and other things we don’t know about or even want to know about it. “On the clock” 24/7, the immune system never takes a day off or even stops to rest. It’s no wonder your immune system gets tired and “run down.” There is help available! Here are five natural ways to boost your immune system and keep your body on track to do what it was designed to do.

Reduce/Remove Chemicals

One natural way to boost your immune system is to reduce (or, even better, remove) the chemicals you use. Chemicals and toxins are extremely unhealthy for us. People often rely on chemicals and toxins, thinking they will reduce the workload of their immune system. They forget their immune system is much like their brain and muscles – in order for their immune system to work, it must be used.

Getting rid of chemicals is not as hard as you might think. Start with your hand sanitizer. Use soap and water instead. Hand sanitizer doesn’t know “good germs from bad germs.” It gets rid of a lot of the germs and bacteria we need to stay healthy. Without “little germs” to fight off, the ones killed by the hand sanitizer, your immune system won’t be strong enough (built up enough) to handle the big stuff. Remember – your immune system is like a muscle and it must be used so it doesn’t waste away. Read the labels on your cleaning products. You will be shocked by their warning labels. There are countless room fresheners whose labels clearly say “do not breathe in fumes.” The cleaners created to be used on our stoves and counters clearly have “do not use around food” written on the containers.

Thankfully, there are lots of natural and holistic products available to help you stay healthy. I believe the Thieves cleaning products are the best ones available. Their household cleaner, which can be used for almost everything, is safe enough to drink. I’ve tasted it and it tastes nasty, but it is safe for everyone in your home, even your children and pets.


Getting the proper amount of sleep is key to boosting your immune system. Allowing your body to rest, giving it time to heal itself, allows your immune system to work on the “other projects” it should be handling. Instead of “fighting fires” it shouldn’t be fighting, it can concentrate on its true job. It is still working, but it isn’t spread so thin.

There are few people who get the proper amount of sleep. Our lives are crazy and, when push comes to shoves, our sleep suffers. We can’t stop taking care of our families. We have to go to work, go grocery shopping and get our kids to school. Those things can’t be ignored or put off. Instead, we push our bedtime to a later time in order to get everything done. When we finally get in bed, our minds are racing, thinking about all the things we didn’t finish and/or all the things we have to accomplish tomorrow. 

Help with getting the sleep you need is available. I use Young Living lavender essential oil to help me sleep. When my brain is churning out thought after thought, I use vetiver essential oil to “calm my mind.” Sacred Mountain is also great at helping me sleep and get the rest I need.

Manage Stress

Better managing your stress is another great (and natural) way to boost your immune system. Stress is horrible for your body. Like chemicals, it can cause damage that can never be repaired. It causes you to lose sleep which isn’t good for you either.

Sadly, there isn’t one “silver bullet” to help you manage your stress. Learning to “let it go” would be wonderful, but we all know there are some things we can’t let go of. I do a lot of cheating when it comes to my stress. Young Living frankincense essential oil is one of my “cheats.” I also use cedarwood and Joy.

Your immune system is so important to you. Keeping it healthy and in proper working order is one of the most important things you can do for your body. Using natural means to boost your immune system is one of the best ways to keep your immune system healthy. If you need more ideas on how to boost your immune system, please join the Oily Housewives Facebook group. You will find all sorts of natural recipes, all using Young Living products, to help keep you and your family healthy.

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