Secret Careers: Do You Know What Moms Really Do?


Moms should be the first wonder of the world. We are capable of so much and do even more than the things we are capable of. There should be an old adage “if you need the impossible done, find a mom to do it.” Unfortunately, there is no such adage. Most people do not realize all the things moms do on a daily basis. They go on with their lives, completely unaware of all the secret careers moms have.

Race Car Driver

One of the secret careers moms have is “race car driver.” Not “chauffeur,” but a race car driver. We never go anywhere slowly. How would we find the time to drive anywhere at a normal speed? That isn’t to say we are unsafe. We are always safe. We are just in a hurry all the time. Whether you are a soccer mom, softball mom or band mom, you are on a schedule. You have this practice to get to. You have that competition to attend. It never stops. And, I can’t leave out all the other places we are constantly rushing to and from. The grocery store, the mall, the veterinarian’s office, the doctor’s office and, yes, for some, their own jobs. Moms are race car drivers, if only in their minds.

Domestic Spy

Another secret career moms have is “domestic spy.” Yes, we are spies. We know things. We know things no one expects us to know. In fact, we know things we never expected to know. We know Kevin and Chloe broke up at lunch before our kid can tell us. We know Mrs. Baker is a forgetful teacher and we need to stay on top of the assignments our kid turns in. We know the cost of gas, a pound of hamburger meat and when coupons in our purses will expire. How do moms know all these things? For starters, we pay attention. Very little happens that our eagle eyes mix. We also do a lot of networking. That is 21st century speak for “we talk to other moms.” Or teachers or strangers we happen to stumble upon. We also ask a lot of questions. Not just any questions, but “loaded questions,” as my daughter calls them. And, of course, as moms, we just naturally know things. 


Zookeeper is a secret career moms have. Not only do we take care of our own monkeys or rug rats or whatever other “animal nickname” we give our kids, we take care of the family’s pets. Dogs, cats, gerbils, chickens, goats, horses, potbelly pigs, parrots or whatever other critter our family has chosen to take in, we are the ones who end up taking care of them. We feed them, bathe them, clean up their poor and everything else a pet parent is required to do. Some of us have help with those things and some of us don’t. Either way, we are, ultimately, the responsible party. Moms know when our non-human family members are sick and, usually, we have an idea of what is wrong with them and how to make them better. We keep track of veterinarian appointments, pet birthdays and adoption days. We do it all and very people, if any, know about it.


Moms have the secret career of “educator” as well. Despite what you might hear on the news or on social media, we are our kids’ first teachers. We teach them all sorts of things as babies and the list of things we teach them never ends. Manners, how to drive, when to not bother their dads and their colors all come to mind. And, we can’t leave out those special moms who are

called to be homeschooling moms. Don’t even get me started on all the things they teach their kiddos. Homeschooling moms are a special breed, in class, so to speak, all their own. Moms are definitely educators and few people truly understand all the things they teach.

Circus Performer

Moms also have the secret career of “circus performer.” They are definitely tight-rope walkers who juggle dozens of things all at one time. They play the role of clown when their kids are down in the dumps. Yes, they are lion tamers too, calming the most savage of beasts when those beasts don’t want to get out of bed in the morning or do their homework in the afternoon. Have you ever noticed the things that come out of “mom’s clown car?” Close to a dozen kids pile out, carrying backpacks and instruments and sports equipment. If you think a clown car is packed with clowns, confetti and giant canisters of water, you’ve never seen a mid-size SUV pull into a school parking lot before a game or performance.

Did you know moms have all of these secret careers? Probably not. And, this isn’t the full list of those secret careers. Now that you do know about some of the secret careers of moms, next time you see one, be sure to shake her hand or give her a hug. Moms work harder than most people ever will. And, the pay is horrible. On the up side, even though the pay stinks, the benefits are excellent! As a special treat for all the moms reading this, join the Oily Housewives Facebook group. You’ll find all sorts of information to help with your many secret careers. If nothing else, it is a place you can go to get away, a place where you will be appreciated for all the things you do

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