Don’t Worry: I’ve Got An Oil For That!   

Essential Oils

Life is crazy. Things happen. Instead of being a comfortable carousel going up and down, calmly and gently, it is an insane roller coaster. Giant hills, big bumps and hairpin curves that make you think you will go flying into the air – that is life as we know it. Things appear to be happening too fast and you feel like you are out of control. No need to worry though. I’ve got an oil for that, all that. Seriously. Pick something. You can pick just about anything and I have an oil for that.

One Of Those Days

You know exactly what I mean by “one of those days.” I’m having right now, as I type. Don’t worry. I’ve got an oil for that. Actually, I have several oils for that. It just depends on what kind of “one of those days” you are having.

At the moment, I am having a frustrating day. I was feeling myself getting angry. So I “dosed” myself with Joy. It took a minute or so, but I started feeling better. Now, I am back to normal. I no longer want to throw my phone and laptop on the floor to see how many times they will bounce and how many little pieces they break into. Thank God for Joy! It is much cheaper than buying a new phone and a new laptop.

There are also those days where nothing seems to be going right. You just woke up out of sorts and you can’t quite seem to get it together. Don’t worry; I’ve several oils for that too. For days like that, I usually start with rosemary essential oil. It helps with focus. If focus isn’t the issue, I will go with peppermint essential oil. That is an uplifting and energizing oil. Depending on what exactly isn’t going right with you, there are specific oils that can help.

Grouchy People

I realize you can’t go around “dosing” people with essential oils like you dose yourself. [It is a lovely thought though!] Don’t worry. I’ve got an oil that helps you to better deal with grouchy people. Vetiver essential oil is a great one to use. It helps me not to notice how grouchy people are. Cedarwood essential oil also helps.

Should the grouchy people be people you can dose, like your family, I would suggest Joy essential oil. I start that one in my diffuser before my husband gets home from work. Not sure what kind of a mood he will be in, but happy and content are always good moods to help others be in. Gratitude essential oil is a great one to use on them as well.

That Thing That Ails You

One those days your body isn’t working like it should, don’t worry. I have all sorts of oils for all sorts of health issues you may be experiencing. Of course, essential oils aren’t cures. They can make you feel better though. And, that is what we all want – to feel a little better.

Is your head hurting? Try M-Grain essential oil. Are you having “seasonal issues” that cause itchy eyes and a stuffy nose? Lavender is a great essential oil for such things. Is your tummy upset and doing flip flops? You should give Digize a try. Are your muscles sore or tight or just not feeling right? I would reach for marjoram or eucalyptus.

Like I said, I have something for just about everything. Don’t worry. Young Living has an essential oil for almost anything. They are easy to use and they work. You just need to find the right oil for what is going on with you. If you need help figuring out what oil that is, join our Oily Housewives Facebook group. There, you will find all sorts of information about the different oils we have.

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