Three Mistakes To Avoid When Using Essential Oils

Essential Oils

Using essential oils is about as simple as simple gets. Despite that, there are a few problems people run into. They make a mistake or two and, sadly, they throw in the towel. Some will think essential oils do not work. Others will think using them is too complicated and difficult. Neither of those two things are correct. Essential oils, the right essential oils work and they are not complicated or difficult to use. When starting out, there are few essential oil mistakes to avoid.

The Wrong Essential Oil Company

Perhaps the biggest mistake people make when using essential oils is choosing the wrong company. You need the “good oils” for them to do what nature intended for them to do. Not all companies sell the good oils. Well, they could be good oils if they weren’t mixed with petroleum and other chemicals and toxins. Companies use those additives  as fillers, to stretch the oils, so they can lower the price. Lowering prices like this ruins the oils

Don’t be fooled by “therapeutic grade” oils. That is an “industry buzzword” attempting to fool consumers into thinking they are getting great oils. It means nothing. Look for “100% pure” instead. That means nothing is added to the oils – it is plain ol’ essential oil without any additives. Young Living’s essential oils are 100% pure. There is nothing in those bottles except essential oils.

Using The Wrong Oil

Another mistake people make is using the wrong oil. Although many essential oils are multi-taskers, they still do specific things. Using the wrong essential oil for the wrong purpose will not get you the results you are expecting. And needing. The oil will still be helping you – just not in the way you were expecting. This can make you think the oils do not work, which is not the case.

Basically, if you need an essential oil to help you sleep, avoid the mistake of using peppermint oil. Peppermint is an energizing essential oil. It isn’t going to help you sleep. Use lavender essential oil instead. It will help you relax and get to sleep.

Getting The Oil In Your Eye (Or Other Places!)

A huge mistake to avoid when using essential oils is getting them in places they should never go. Do not put them in your eyes, ears or nose. You can put them around those areas, but not directly in them. And, ladies, avoid putting the “down there.” I’m hoping this isn’t too graphic, but on your inner thighs and no lower than your pelvic bone is safe. 

Will getting essential oils in those places a mistake that will kill you? Probably not. However, it can burn and be uncomfortable. Should you make the mistake of getting essential oils in your eyes, will you have to let nature take its course. Oil and water do not mix so trying to wash it out with water will not be very productive. Obviously, you do not want to put a carrier oil in your eye so you will need to let your eye do what it has to do to flush out the oil. The same is with your ears and nose. As for “down there,” you can use a carrier to dilute the oil.

Even though you can make mistakes when using essential oils, this shouldn’t stop you. Most mistakes you make can easily be corrected. And, thankfully, those mistakes shouldn’t prove to be deadly. If you have any questions about correctly using essential oils, please join our Oily Housewives Facebook group. We would love to answer any questions you have and help you avoid making any mistakes with essential oils.

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  1. Very good tips! I was actually talking about essential oils with my grandmother the other day and I told her that not all companies are the same. We want the “good stuff!”

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