School: Help Keeping Kids Safe


School safety is always an issue. Not only do we have to keep our kids’ bodies safe, but also their hearts and minds. Young Living has several essential oils that will help to keep safe, safe in all sorts of different ways. By using those essential oils at home, on a daily basis, we can help keep our kids safe no matter where they are, with or without us there with them.


Thieves essential oil is a great way to keep our kids safe at school. This essential oil blend has been especially designed to boost our immune systems. It has been used for centuries to help people fight off all sorts of different infections, whatever “bugs” were going around at the time.

This essential oil blend is easy to use. Personally, I prefer to diffuse it at night so my family can breathe in its goodness. I have also made roller ball bottles so I can “swipe” the oil down all my family members’ spines or the bottoms of their feet. Doing this once a day will help to keep kids at school safe from all the contagious things floating around.


Valor is a great essential oil for keeping kids safe at school. As we all know, bullying is a problem at almost every school. This essential oil blend was especially formulated to help increase courage. I am not science-y so there is no way I can explain how it works. I just know it does.

One drop of Valor essential oil applied topically to your kids can do wonders to boost their courage and self-confidence. My daughter applies the oil to her wrists and then shares it behind her ears and on the back of her neck. I also diffuse it in the bathroom when she is getting ready for school.


Oregano is another great essential oil to help fight off whatever “catchy” is going around. Do a quick online search of “oregano nature’s antibiotic” just to see what you find. Personally, I was shocked by what I found. I had no idea there had been so much research done about using oregano essential oil to boost your immune system.

Oregano is known as a “hot” oil so you might want to have a carrier oil close by when you apply it to your kids’ skin. If you find it is hot for them, you can make a roller ball – diluting the oil with the V-6 carrier oil. Another quick tip – put it on your kids’ feet at night. It is a strong-smelling oil and, if used in the mornings, they could go around most of the day smelling like spaghetti or pizza.


Joy is a great way to help your kids be safe at school. It will help protect their heart. Not from physical issues, but by helping with any sadness they may feel. Again, it is too science-y for me to explain how it works other than to say how people much smarter than I am created this essential oil blend to help add joy into people’s lives.

I always apply it just above my heart and on the top of my head. I also add a bit behind my ears, almost like a perfume. It is a bit girly, so you might want to apply it to the bottoms of your boys’ feet. You could also diffuse it at night in your kids’ bedrooms so it can help them wake up a bit less grouchy and start their days on a happier note.


Rosemary is good for helping keep kids safe at school. This essential oil helps to increase focus. Help with keeping their minds uncluttered can have an impact on their grades. A student focused on their studies should see their grades improve. It can also help keep them out of trouble.

One drop of rosemary on their spine or the top of their head can work wonders. I diffuse rosemary essential oil when my daughter is doing her schoolwork. I have seen a difference in how well she works when it is being diffused as to how she works when I’m not diffusing it. And, an interesting tidbit…I cook with rosemary essential oil, adding it to all sorts of recipes. Cooking with it is just another way to help increase the focus of everyone in your family.

School safety is important to all parents. Using Young Living essential oils can help keep your kids safe. And, they are able to do it in so many different ways. You should give them a try to see how well they work for kids. As always, if you have any questions about these essential oils or anything Young Living-related, please join our Oily Housewives Facebook group. You can even email us at We’d love to hear from you!

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