Self-Talk: Four Things I Tell Myself Daily


We all have that internal recording we have. It is on an endless loop. That stuff we hear in our heads, the stuff we work hard to overcome. You know what I’m talking about – that recording in our head, spewing the negative stuff we don’t want to hear. The negative stuff we don’t need to hear. Overcoming our internal recording is a chore, to say the least. We’ve heard it most of our lives, if not all of our lives. I’ve battled that recording for as long as I can remember. I haven’t learned how to shut it off completely, but I have found a way to stop it from being on an endless loop. And, there are times, it is almost quiet. How have I done this? Self-talk. It works wonders. For me, this self-talk is four things I tell myself daily to help rid myself of the negativity that has been following me since childhood.

I Live In Joy

“I live in joy. I have a happy life. There is joy in my family. There is joy in my marriage. There is joy in my friendships. There is joy in my business. I actively seek more joy. I actively seek to share joy with others. Joy overflows me and infects the people around me. Living in joy is my chosen lifestyle and I will not live without joy.”

I grew up in a home where joy did not exist. I will not live like that again. I use my self-talk to remind myself of the things that bring me joy. I also use my self-talk to find more joy and to share my joy with others. 

I Am Worthy

“I am worthy of all the good things. I deserve to have good things in my life. I am worthy of joy, love, peace and compassion. I am worthy of quality people in my life. I am worthy of success in all the things I do. I am worthy of financial ‘goodies.’ I am worthy of a drama-free life.”

Yes, you guessed it. I grew up in a home where I was taught on a daily basis I was not good enough and how I would never be good enough. I have spent years trying to overcome the “teachings of my childhood.” I still struggle with it, but I am doing much better. Self-talk has made such a difference in my life and relationships – I finally see myself as worthy.

I Am Outgoing

“I am outgoing. I am friendly. People see me as outgoing and friendly. I find it easy to meet new people and make friends wherever I go. I love sharing myself with others. People respond positively to my friendliness. They are eager to get to know me and enjoy being around me. I make myself available to people and, in turn, I am better able to help people.”

I am an introvert. I can’t blame this all on my upbringing. I have always joined my very large dose of “me time.” My “alone time” was the best part of my day. I no longer spend the better part of my day “unpeopling.” Self-talk is helping to come out of my shell. Self-talk is making it possible for me to have more people in my life. Because of the positive impact my self-talk is having on my life and relationships, I am better equipped to have a positive impact on others, helping them in ways I only dreamed of doing before.

I Am Capable

“I am capable. There is nothing I can’t learn or do well when I decide that is what I want. When I see something I want to do, I do it. I know I am able to do anything that is important to me. I am willing to put in the time and effort to be capable of doing any task in front of me. I can and I will. Nothing stops me when I decide in my heart and in my head I want to do something”

I’ve always been short. It seems everyone was always reading off some list of things I couldn’t do because of my size. That list somehow became an even longer list of other things, having nothing to do with my height, of things I couldn’t do. Self-talk is helping me silence the “you can’t” recording in my head. Self-talk is opening up my heart and head to all sorts of things I am capable of doing. And, it has nothing to do with my abilities. It has everything to do with my willingness. When I am willing to do whatever it takes to do something, that something always gets done and it gets done well.

I Am Successful

“I am successful. My family is successful. My marriage is successful. My friendships and other relationships are successful. My business is successful. There are countless things I have been successful doing. I will continue to be successful because of my willingness to work hard and help others. My heart for service makes me successful in all I do.”

I suppose the “I am successful” also stems from “I am worthy,” but I see them as separate things. My self-talk distinguishes between the two. It has too. My self-talk has to shut off the “I can’t” and turn on the “I do.” Not turn on the “I can,” but turn on the “I do.” So what if you can? You aren’t so it doesn’t really matter if you can. You have to do it. 

Touchy feely enough for you? Yep, I hit some emotional triggers for myself and I’m hoping I hit some of yours too. If not, think about your personal triggers and how self-talk can move you past them, stop the endless loop of that negative recording in your head and, probably, your heart. My self-talk topics may not be the monologues you need to be saying to yourself. I’m hoping they do give you a jumping off point to examine the recordings you are hearing and replace them with love, compassion and positivity. Feel free to jump over to our Oily Housewives Facebook group where you will find other ideas to help. That is why we are here – to help.

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