About The Oily Housewives

Meet The Oily Housewives

We are the Oily Housewives, a group of housewives who believe in taking care of our families (including pets!) is our number one priority. In order to best take care of our families, we have embraced a more all-natural and holistic approach.  We have found ways to care for our husbands, children, pets and home without using all the toxins and chemicals found in many products we previously used.

We are asked all the time if we are “crunchy.” In all honesty, we are “crunchy-ish.” We and our families still eat sugar, processed flours and hit the drive-thru at fast food restaurants. We believe there are times to go to the doctor and take prescription medications. We aren’t “militant” with our all-natural and holistic lifestyle. We smile and say, “We are crunchy-ish and working on it.”

Becca Ferguson Watson was the first of us to embrace the all-natural and holistic lifestyle. She is married with children, ages 10 to 27. She and her husband homeschool their youngest son. She is also mom to all sorts of rescue animals – dogs, cats, chickens, rabbits, reptiles and one pig. She works as the office manager for the best holistic veterinarian who has two successful clinics. Becca has the heart for animal rescue. She successfully created and managed an animal rescue. Her animal rescue brought her to her new home in Oklahoma, arriving after the tornadoes ripped through several cities in Sooner state. Both she and her husband helped many of the displaced pets, finding their owners or new homes for them. Becca also owns her successful business where she is the “go to gal” for information about all-natural and holistic pet care.

Emma Riley Sutton was introduced to her crunchy-ish life by Becca and her holistic veterinarian. She is crazy mad in love with her husband and teen-age daughter. She is also mom to six rescue animals, three dogs and three cats – one dog being her service dog, Maisie. Like Becca, Emma has a heart for animal rescue; all her “critters” are rescues. She works full-time from home as a wife, homeschooling mom, pet parent and writer. Emma is known for, even admitting to, loving Dr. Pepper and Taco Bell more than she should. She has two bachelor degrees, one in public relations (communications) and in English. Born and raised in Oklahoma, Emma calls herself a “Moore girl” – the city where she lived most of her childhood. She’s in love with her home state and is known for saying “I was born with red dirt under my nails and raised to love God, my Granddaddy and Barry Switzer.”

Mandy Robinson was the last Oily Housewife to embrace her crunchy-ish-ness, but no one holds that against her. She affectionately calls Emma her “drug dealer,” crediting her friend with getting essential oils in her hands and getting her “hooked” on the oils and other holistic products – the start to this adventure for her. Mandy is married to a police officer, has two teenage girls, a “bonus kid” and five rescue dogs. Also born and raised in Oklahoma, Mandy owns and manages several successful websites. Before she became a full-time, working, stay-at-home mom, Mandy was a 911 operator and she also worked in childcare so she could be with her children. She is an excellent writer who loves being able to work from home where she can best take care of her family and home. Despite her love for writing, Mandy’s first and truest love is for her family and it shows in all the hard work she does to make their lives better.

These are your Oily Housewives. We can’t wait for you to get to know us and for us to get to know you. Our little circle of women is constantly growing and we’d love to have you join us. Please feel to contact us here or on our social media personal pages and in our Facebook group. Jump on in, the oils are just fine!